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Technology Perspective | 10 March 2019

Homing in on cancer’s code

A KACST team is working towards making genomic medicine a core component of cancer care in Saudi Arabia

Technology Perspective | 16 January 2019

Perfecting Soilless Farming

Aquaponics technology, which rears fish and plants in a mutually advantageous environment, is poised to revolutionize agriculture in water-scarce Saudi Arabia.

Technology Perspective | 1 January 2019

Adding a Touch of Green to Gasoline

KACST researchers are developing the chemistry for more environmentally friendly vehicle fuel.

Technology Perspective | 19 August 2018

Smart Energy

Saudi scientists are developing new technologies to deliver clean, reliable energy in their challenging natural environment.

Technology Perspective | 12 December 2017

Sunny skies ahead

KACST scientists are fronting an effort to bring stable, cheap, efficient solar energy to the masses.

Technology Perspective | 10 December 2017

Ironing out the bumps in the road

Research at KACST has helped develop a digital platform to guide transport planners and commuters on how to keep a city moving.