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Innovation Feature | 30 December 2019

Compact particle accelerators broaden access to cutting-edge care

An innovative cyclotron design could make it easier for smaller hospitals to offer sophisticated radiation-based imaging and therapy to patients.

Innovation Feature | 28 November 2019

The future of biometrics in the palm of your hand

A KACST team is working on a system that identifies people based on the veins in the palms, offering a hack-proof biometrics platform to Saudi organizations

Innovation Feature | 13 February 2019

Farming a desert

Water-saving hydroponics systems will soon bring sustainable animal feed to herders in the Saudi Arabian desert.

Innovation Feature | 17 January 2019

A Fine-Grained Look at Desert Dust

Novel dust-repellent coatings on solar panel glass could enhance the efficiency of desert-based solar energy harvesting. 

Innovation Feature | 5 January 2019

Monitoring Greenhouse Gases

KACST researchers are developing an innovative system to monitor nationwide greenhouse gas levels and inform reduction strategies.

Innovation Feature | 15 July 2018

Taking Fossil Fuel to the Next Level

An innovative research centre set up by KACST and Oxford University is developing ways to produce high-quality light hydrocarbons and hydrogen gas from crude oil.  

Innovation Feature | 10 December 2017

A report a day keeps diseases away

A new infectious disease monitoring platform promises to keep Saudis safe

Innovation Feature | 29 November 2017

A tablet to launch an industry

A new locally produced tablet may pave the way for a computational boom in Saudi Arabia